IBLEES translated as DEVIL; Comes from the root letter of Arabic word balasa (mublis/mublesoon) which means (completely) wrapped up in grief.

SHAITAAN is the Arabic word translated as SATAN or EVIL (an adversary to man
or opposing man). These are the two words are in same personality.

[38:71] When your lord said for the angels surely I am creating a human being from clay
[38:72] And when I made him even and breath into him my spirit, then fall down prostrating for him
[38:73] So the angels prostrate themselves all together
[38:74] Except IBLEES/THE DEVIL or wrapped up in grief who sought greatness and became from the rejecters.

In the above ayats Allah is asking angels to bow down to Adam who has got the spirit (message/essence of the ayats of Allah), in other words Allah asking angels (who have given free will) to bow down to HIS spirit (Allah’s spirit). All angels bow down together except Iblees, he saw greatness and became from the rejecters.

IBLEES is a personality which has grievances against Allah. Since Allah tries everyone of us with fear, hunger and loss of wealth people goes against the truth and reality as mentioned in the ayats/verses of allah’s book.(this is due to the fact that we cannot fight Allah).

[38:75]- O OBLEES/ Devil what prevented you to prostrate for what I have created with my hands. Did you seek greatness or are you from a higher class?
[38:76]- He (Iblees / devil) said I am the better one from him you created me from fire and created him from clay.

In above ayats Allah is questioning Iblees for not bowing down and Iblees having dialogue with Allah. We can also communicate with Allah through ayats.

Allah is explaining iblees psyche and informing us that any one who sought greatness or think that he is from the higher class is actually is in severe inferiority complex which converts into superiority complex. In this case it was IBLEES who felt inferior since Allah did not choose him.

Iblees give false argument and make comparison b/w creation and exclude the spirit (essence of the ayats of Allah).

[17:62]. He (iblees) said: “Do you see this is the one you have honoured over me. Definitely If you will give me respite towards the day of resurrection I will definitely make him and his descendants worldly experienced except a few.”
[17:63]. He (Allah) said “go away whosoever follows you from them, surely hell is your reward an abundant reward.”

Worldly experiences – People instigate others to do wrongs (wrongs as mentioned in the ayats) to gain experience and eventually get that person addicted to that wrong. Memorize these verses and be careful when you hear such sentences in discussions or within yourselves.

[17:64] And you can stir up or excite with your voice whosoever is obedient from them and import on them with your thought and your masculine manners and be their partner in wealth and children and promise them. And shaitaan / satan promises them nothing except delusion.

The following are the means given by Allah to Shaitaan / Satan to stir up or excite.

SAUT/VOICE: All type of music, sounds has effect on human mind and emotions. By Sound or voice Satan stirs up not by the words or meanings.

SCHOOL OF THOUGHT: Shaitaan/Satan is importing thoughts in all aspects of life, even in religion from outside; there is no end to these schools of thought.

MASCULINE MANNERS: Shaitaan/Satan is importing his own masculine manners generally practiced in our society, according to the Good news bible, Jews and Christians faith; Mathew 23:33; Mathew 12:51; Luke 12:49; Numbers 31:17-18; Leviticus 25:46; Corinthians 14:34-35; Luke 14:26 – We should understand that the masculinity defined in these verses is not the word of Allah or the prophet Essa / Jesus PBUH, these are the masculine behaviors of Satan. There are many people who have given their lives practicing this dictatorship and not to Allah or HIS cause.

[17:64] And you can stir up or excite with your voice whosoever is obedient from them and import on them with your thought and your masculine manners and be their partner in wealth and children and promise them. And shaitaan / satan promises them nothing except delusion.
[17:65] Surely My servants over them, you will never have any authority and sufficient advocate is with your Lord.”

Shaitaan become partner in wealth and children when we surpass the law of Allah and our whole life generally revolves around money and children and we start committing wrong for that, we must have limitations as they are in our emotions.

Shaitaan / Satan has authority only to them who are obedient to him, on Allah’s servant (who identify all the means mentioned in above ayat/verse) and obedient to Allah he has no authority.

(7:16) He (iblees) said “so with what YOU have tempted me, definitely I will sit on YOUR straight path for them.”
(7:17).”Then definitely I will come to them from their front and from their behind and about their right and about their left and you will not find the majority of them thankful.”

Iblees is putting an allegation / charge on Allah that Allah has tempted him. When the straight path (understanding of the message of Allah) is known to iblees / devil then he sits on it for those who are seeking the straight path. He knows that everyone is born with a religion in his psyche so when a person wants to know the straight path he will deviate him from Quran, he will not let you the essence of the ayats.

In our day to day life we have to take some decision, shaitaan is coming from front. Once to take a decision on satins suggestion it goes back in our psyche and it reoccurs. These hurts are coming from behind.

He will come from your right (meaning he will tell you the right) for example praying Salah five times a day without understanding, reading Quran without understanding and it is apparently seems to be right.

Rightist and Leftist are both driven by Shaitaan.

[15:39] He (iblees) said, “My Lord! With what you have tempted me, definitely I will decorate in the earth for them and tempt them together.”
[15:40] “Except your sincere servants from them.”

Iblees is again putting an allegation on Allah that Allah has tempted him, this is a dialogue b/w Allah and Iblees, he will decorate the earth and tempt people in groups (as groups and groups of people start believing false propagated by media, something which is not true), Iblees knows he cannot astray who are obedient to Allah.

[4:119]. “I will lead them astray, and I will make them wishful and I will order them so definitely they will cut off the ears of cattle and I will order them so definitely they will alter the creation of Allah.” And who takes the shaitaan / Satan a protector from other than Allah then without doubt he is at loss, a clear loss

As Iblees knows the straight path (i.e. Quran) and also he is sitting on a straight path he will keep misguiding people, he will make people wishful (meaning something you don’t have the means or capacity to achieve or which is not logical) and we are leading our lives in desires and wishful thinking.

He will cut off the ears of the cattle (Idiomatic expression) meaning people will not listen to the message of the ayats/verses of Allah. Also he will order people to alter the creation of Allah i.e. if we are not serving Allah in true sense or if people are changing their sex/gender (Allah made them men and they are changing into women or vice versa) or men are shaving their beard looking like women (i.e. gentlemen) as they have given hairs on face by Allah.

Points derived from the various ayats / signs.

[2:102] And people follow what shayateen / satan recited over the kingdom of Sulaiman. And Sulaiman did not reject but the shayateen / satans rejected and taught mankind magic.

Magic is something which is not real but it appears to be real.

[5:90] The works of shaitaan / satan are intoxicants / gambling stones / statues and arrows
[2:268] Shaitaan / satan promises you of poverty and orders you with fahisha / adultery / fornication / homosexuality / lesbianism.
[2:275] Who eats Riba/increase shaitaan has touched him to madness
[17:27] Shaitaan brother are spendthrifts.
[6:121] Satan inspires people to argue with the believers
[5:91] Satan intendes to create enmity / hatred amoungst you opposition about the remembrance of Allah and salah / prayers
[58:19] satan has got the better of them so that he has made them forget the remembrance of Allah

If we do not involve ourselves with the message of Allah it does not retain and finally we forget.

According to the Bible

We can find these practices in the world.

Proverbs 31:6,7; 1 Samuel 19:24; Isaiah 20:3; Isaiah 20:47; Judges 16:1; Ruth 3:4-15; Ezekiel 23:1-49;

Fahisha / Adultery / Fornication / Incest mentioned in these biblical verses.

Genesis 38:15-18; Genesis 35:22; Leviticus 18:8,20:11-14.

Quran(7: 19) And O Adam, you and your pair stay in the garden, then both of you eat from wherever you wish and do not go near this tree so you will become from the oppressors.

In this ayat/verse it is important to understand 1) Adam 2) Jannah (Garden) 3) Tree 4) Zauj (Pair)

Adam: Combines both ladies and men as referred in Surah Hujrat 49:13 – God created mankind from a masculine and feminine meaning both man and woman has masculine (i.e ego – provider to the emotions) and feminine (emotions).

[7:19] And O Adam, you and your pair stay in the garden, then both of you eat from wherever you wish and do not go near this tree so you will become from the oppressors.

Pair / Zauj referred to a human being having both masculine and feminine.
Garden / Jannah referred as an example / similitude to the earth not exactly like an earth.
Tree / Shajara referred in 14:24-26: Good tree as good words and bad tree as bad or evil words.

[20:118] Surely you are not to be hungry and naked in it.
[20:119] And surely you are not to be thirsty and victim in it.

Mankind should know that in the Garden / Jannah they will not be hungry, naked, thirsty and victim. In psychological aspect in this world we are HUNGRY FOR POWER/WEALTH & KINGDOM, we will be NAKED if wrong thing got exposed, we are THIRSTY for knowledge and also we are VICTIMISED of feelings & hurts. That’s why Allah ordered not to go near that tree.

[20:120] So the Satan whisper to him saying o Adam do I give you the evidence over the tree of eternity and the kingdom that does not decay.

Satan whispered to Adam and give reasons why not to go near the tree b/c you will become eternal and your kingdom will not decay. As we all know that no man in this world wants to die that’s why we are involved in activities of life so much that we forget that we will going to die one day.

[7:20] Then Shaitaan / Satan whispered so he made for them appear from their ills/badness/hurts which are behind them and said your Lord has forbidden you from this tree that you become angels and you become eternal.
[7:21] And he divided them surely I am from the advisor for both of you.

Every human has hurts and weaknesses in his life and those were behind us, Satan brought them forward so that he made us emotionally evoked up. He is giving false reasons that we will be angels (as in worldly understanding we know that angels are those who doesn’t make mistakes) and also we will become eternal meaning we will not going to die so we forget that we have to give our account after death.

[7:22] Then with delusion he made evident to both of them then they tasted of the tree so their the ills appeared and they become to sew over them the leaves of the garden. And their Lord called them did I not forbid you about the tree and I said surely the Shaitaan / the Satan is a clear enemy for both of you.

What is delusion? Delusion means false mental conception resistant to reason with regard to the actual things of matter and fact.

Which is not to accept the fact and that how he deluded (Satan said something which we accepted).

[34:20] And without doubt the Iblees / The devil has made true his conjecture over them. So they followed him except a division from the believers.
[20:115] And without doubt We covenanted to Adam from before, the he forgot and We did not find firmness for him.

As discussed in earlier ayats his conjecture was kingdom, eternal life, become angels etc. Except believers he made his conjecture true to the people who followed him.

[38:41] And remember our Servant Ayub when he called to his Lord, shaitaan / the Satan has touched me with a portion and a punishment.
[38:42] Race with your masculine manners, this is a cool washroom and drink.
(M-Shaikh) 38:43 And we granted for him his people and with them their example a mercy from Us.
[38:44] And take the chimera with your hand then strike with it, and you do not perjure. Surely we found him patient, blessed is our servant, surely he did return.

How Iblees / Shaitaan encounters with the prophets?

Chimera is an idle fantasy, a monster with a lion’s head or goat’s body or serpent’s tail or an unusual horrible creature of the imagination.

Every human being has its own chimera which is created in our psyche by our own problems in life. When we experience different difficult situations in life we make our own chimera and shaitaan / Satan make it stuck up in our minds and we get punished

Ayub PBUH called Allah for help when Shaitaan / Satan touched him with a portion in his psyche. Allah told him to run (one is physical running which we all know and secondly psychologically we run with the masculine manners of the messenger.), masculine manners of the messenger is to recite, understand, implement and giving knowledge of the Book of Allah.

When all need to take guidance from the ayats / signs of Allah in difficult situations of life to deal with this chimera.

Further Allah told Ayub PBUH to take the chimera and strike with it which is to take your psychological problem and read the relevant ayat / sign with understanding and practice it and do not perjure (meaning to swear under oath falsely).

[22:52] And we have not sent from before you a messenger nor a prophet except when he wishes Shaitaan / Satan encounter in his wish so Allah cancels what Shaitaan / Satan encounters then Allah govern His ayats / signs And Allah is knowing wise.

Whenever wishes raised in prophet shaitaan import his thoughts in prophet wishes. Everyone is putting a concept with an ayats / signs. We should judge how people are using certain words to give their own philosophies in connection with the ayats, we can find contradiction in translation and explanation given by different scholars.

[6:112] And likewise we made for every prophet the shaitaan / the Satan of mankind and the Shaitaan / the Satan of jinkind an enemy. They inspire golden sayings deluding each other. And if your Lord had willed they could not have done it. So leave them with what they have invent.

We can find such golden words or flowery sayings which are based on falsehood in the bible and we have been forced to believe in that, according to the Jews and Christian faith:

Genesis 9:21; 2 Samuel 11:6-25; 2 Samuel 11:4,5 [regarding Dawood / David PBUH]
Genesis 19:31-33 ; Genesis 19:34-36 [Incest b/w LOT / LOOT and his two daughters]
2 Samuel 16:22 [Incest b/w sons and father’s concubines]

Quran[26:221] Shall I gave you the news on whom the Shaiyateen / The Satans descend.
Quran[26:222] They descend on every lying wicked person.
Quran[26:223] They encounter the hearing and the majority are liars.
Quran[26:224] And on the poets who follow their tempters.

In these Allah is explaining on whom Shaiyateen / The Satans descends, they descend on every lying wicked person who continuously lies, evil person. We have been lying on the ayats as well based on falsehood and programmed to believe on lies.

Also Shaiyateen descend on poets, poets try to write the emotions in the form of rhymes and try to give meanings to the emotions which are based on falsehood and not necessary it means the same thing because it is impossible to write emotions and give actual meanings.

[26:210] And Shaiyateen / The Satans has not descended with it (i.e. the message).
[26:211] And it is not desirable for them and they do not have the capacity(of the message)
[26:212] They are definitely isolated about the hearing.

Allah is explaining that Shaiyateen / The Satans has not descended with the message of Allah, they don’t have the capacity to comprehend the message / essence of the ayats of Allah.

People are saying this book (Quran) is the devil’s book, why they are saying b/c if they try to listen to the essence they do not have the capacity. Allah has made such people isolated from the message.

[81:19] Surely this is the saying of an honorable messenger.
[81:25] And it is not with the saying of the Shaitaan / Satan – the stoned.
[81:27] Then where are you going it is nothing but the remembrance to the worlds.

Quran is being sent down/Nazil by Allah, it’s a word / Kalam from Allah, it is being inspired / wahee by Allah but it’s a saying of an honorable messenger, it is being said by the messenger.

And this Quran is not with the saying of the Satan, this is a remembrance for those who want to take guidance.

[43:36] And whoever is dim-sighted about the remembrance of most Gracious, We barter for him a Shaitaan / Satan so he will be connected for him.
[43:37] And they will definitely oppose them about the way and they will calculate they are the guided ones.

People who do not know the contents of the Book of Allah they are dim-sighted, Allah will barter the messenger with a shaitaan / satan, these satan will not let you understand the message of the Book of Allah b/c the moment we understand the Book we will catch hold of this satan.

As we all know that Quran is the straight path, Satan will keep opposing us to read it and without reading and understanding the message we will think that we are the guided people.

[16:98] So when you read the Quran / The reading then seek Allah’s protection from the Shaitaan / The Satan – the stoned.
[16:99] Surely he has no authority over those who believe and over those who put their trust over their Lord.
[16:100] Surely he has authority over those who take him a protector and those who associate with him.

When we read Quran we should seek Allah’s protection from the satan and we should remain conscious that he is there to misguide us, he will delude us by giving his own concepts about the ayats of Allah as he is sitting on a straight path.

Shaitaan / Satan has no authority on those who believe in the ayats and put trust on Allah, he has authority on those who took him as protectors, without understanding the message of the ayats of Allah we think that we are on a straight path.

[7:200] And if you are incited from the Shaitaan / the Satan to incitement seek refuge with Allah. Surely HE is all hearing, all knowing.
[7:201] Surely those who fear when they are encircled from the touch of Shaitaan/the Satan they remember (Allah) so get the sight.
[7:202] And their brother expand them in wrong and they do not relax.

When we commit a wrong it becomes our personality and it start coming in our mind continuously. When Shaitaan / Satan keeps on repeating it in mind we need to remember Allah at that time, this is the incitement from the Satan and we must know the corresponding ayat / sign related to that and we must believe and practice on that ayat / sign that is how we will get the sight when we got encircled from the touch of Shaitaan / Satan.

Shaitaan / Satan keep hammering us from the feelings in our mind and the brothers of Shaitaan / Satan keeps on expanding the wrong and they do not relax in it.

[23:96] Repel the ills / the hurts with what which is good. We know very well with what they describe.
[23:97] And say O” my Lord I seek refuge with YOU from the spurs of Shayateen / The Satans.
And I seek refuge with YOU O” my Lord they attend me.

Spur of the moment means impulsive action or Ishtiaal in urdu, whenever Shaitaan / Satan try to get you agitated so that we say some bad words or commit wrong, before this situation occurs we keep reciting ayats / signs and remember Allah.

Shayateen / Satans are ready all the time to get agitating.

[25:25-26] And the day the sky is split up with clouds and the angels are sent down descending, That day, the kingdom of truth, shall be for the Merciful and that day become very difficult over the rejecters.

The above ayat / sign is referring to the Day of judgment when the kingdom will be of Allah and our time will be finish, we don’t get chance to amend. We have time now to amend and come out from the delusion of Satan.

[14:22] And the Shaitaan / Satan says when the order is complete, Surely Allah promised ou the promise of truth and I promised you then I opposed you and it was not for me from the any authority over you except to call you, you answered me, so you do not blame me and blame your souls / psyche / self, I am not with your screams and you are not with my screams, Surely I reject with what you have been associating me from before, surely for the oppressors is a grievous punishment.

We came to know that Shaitaan / Satan is not to be trusted, he is deluding us all the time. Whenever we acted upon on his invitation immediately he becomes against of us, first he invite when we respond to his invitation he backs up and say I don’t have any authority over you except I call you and you answered my call, now don’t blame me and blame yourself.
This is how our lives become miserable and we start blaming ourselves. We should not be a victim and servant of Shaitaan / Satan.

[36:60] Did I not covenanted to you, O’ children of Adam, that you will not serve the Shaitaan / the Satan for that he is a clear enemy for you.
[36:61] And that to serve Me, this is the straight path.
[36:62] And without doubt he led astray the major temperament from you, so you did not understand.
[36:63] This is the hell that you are promised.

This is the message now for us from Allah and the same words will be said on the day of judgment. Shaitaan / Satan have taken away the major temperament of all of us. This is going to happen on the last day if we don’t understand and recognize this Satan and take him as our intimate friend.

[25:27] And that day the oppressor will bit over his hand and will say O’ alas I wish I should have taken the way along with the messenger.
[25:28] O’ alas I wish I would not have taken so and so as a friend.
[25:29] Without doubt he has led me astray about the remembrance after it came to me and the Shaitaan / the Satan is a forsaken for man.

These ayats / signs referring to the day of judgment and even today as well we know that nobody can give guidance to anybody, it should be from ourselves to accept the truth (i.e ayats) and follow the straight path as defined in Quran.

Before we all are ignorant but after the message (i.e. essence of the ayats) came to us the Shaitaan/ the Satan misguided us from the way, so he is misguiding us continuously, he becomes our intimate friend.

[21:83] And Ayub, when he called his Lord, the distress has touched me and You are most Merciful of those who are merciful.

Here we must understand the confession, we don’t realize that shaitaan / Satan is so clever that he is misguiding us continuously from the straight path and we have taken him in our intimacy. So as Ayub PBUH confess we must also confess and try to seek guidance through ayats.

[7:23] Both of them said, O’ our Lord, we have oppressed our souls and if You do not have forgiveness for us and mercy for us, definitely we will be from the loosers.

Both of them admitting that they have commit wrong and oppress their souls, if we take this ayat in our lives, we need to correct and amend after confession to Allah and then these ayats will me mercy and forgiveness from Allah.























Nasar / Vulture – A person who uses weaknesses of helpless people for his own or her own advantage and gain.

We will use the use the weakness of that person to get his love and may use all the means to get his love.

Yaooq / Delay – To cause to be late or taken action slowly.

We will manipulate or use delay tactics to get that love.

Ya-Gaus / Seek Aid – Something that provides help or support which mean the process easier and effective.

If we don’t get our love from nasar and yaooq we seek aid to other people to get that love.

In that connection we can go to Scholars / Aahbar or to Firoun / Phahrouh or ask help from Jesus & Mary (take them as idols) or from stars Sun & Moon.

If we follow all these idols and seek aid from them and after that if we don’t get our love then we stuck into Laat / if & buts.

Laat / Would Be / IF & BUTS – Which one wanted or intended to be, but is not. If and Buts.

After involving in all the above discussed idols we finally get involve into SUAA / Time.

It’s all happening in our mind / psyche and time is passing by. We spend hours and hours and keep thinking all these.


If instead of my own wishful desires to get my love / wadda, I start having longings / manaat and desires / hawa for the love/wadda of Allah / The God.

If my desire is that Allah will be pleased with me.

If someone read the Quranic ayats, understand the essence of the governing ayats and practice those ayats and discuss / educate ayats to other people, they will think he is finding faults in us, meaning same vulture nature/Nasar which is with us becomes positive.

Likewise I can Seek Aid / Ya-gaus from Allah and His messenger by knowing what they are saying in Quran.

Also if I do something wrong in life I get involve in Laat / Would be / If & buts and from the ayats I’ll try to find my mistakes by using logic and reasoning so I’ll not repeat it again.

And finally my time / Suaa will be regularize from Fajr till Esha prayers as I am spending my time to understand the ayats of Allah and governing myself through ayats.

But if the goal is not Allah then these emotions will become IDOLS to us.

ANNAJM [53: 19] So do you see Laat / would be and Uzza / honor.
ANNAJM [53:20] And Manaat / Longing third of the other.

The above ayats having the names of idols discussed above.
AL-FURQAN [25:43] Do you see who takes his own hawa / desire as god then what! “would you be an advocate over them?”

If we are not putting Allah first then our desires will become the idols.
ASSAFFAT [37:125] Do you call Baal / Husband and you leave the best of the Creators.

Husbands are caretakers of the wives, women have more longings and wishes for ornaments, houses, luxury etc they want their husbands to take care of their desires and that’s how husband become their IDOLS. Also men i.e. husbands are involve in production of the children that’s why they have been given importance.

If husband is governing himself from the ayats then wife can live with him but if he is not correcting then she can leave him.

NOOH [71:22]  And they planned great plan.
NOOH [71:23] And they said, “don’t leave your gods and don’t leave Wadda / Love and not SUUA / Time / Hour and Yaghoos and Yaooq / Delays and Nasr / Vulture.

In all times mankind has planned a great plan to involve man in all this.


AL-ANAM [6:74] And when Ibrahim said for this father Aazara. “Have you taken idols as gods surely I see you and your people in clear straying.”

Asnaam means beloved gods in plural.

Ibrahim pbuh is explaining his father that you cannot get the message if you involve in all this.

ASSAFFAT [37:95] He said, “Do you worship what you have carved?”

Ibrahim pbuh is informing mankind this is you have carved, which is not real, this is your own self creation.

Al-Ankabut [29:25] And he said, “Surely you have taken idolatry other than Allah out of mutual love between yourselves in this life then on the day of judgment you shall reject each other and curse each other and you will stay in the fire and there shall be no one for you from the helpers.”

Ibraheem PBUH is mentioning us that we have taken each other idols because of mutual love, we can love each other but we should not surpass the governing ayats of Allah, do’s and the don’ts.

As we can see in our lives that we are praising each other and telling lies to each other and that’s how we get involve in all the idols. That’s why on the day of judgment we will reject each other and curse each other.

Al-Anbiyaa [21:57] “And by Allah I will machinate / to devise artfully to your idols after you turn your backs.”

Ibraheem PBUH is saying that I will devise artfully to your idols meaning plan for the idols when they turn their backs meaning when someone is emotionally voked up and you try to explain him something logically he will not understand because at that time he is in the power of emotions, so turn of back means when wisdom/intellect is in front of us, when we are normalize and understand logic and reasoning.

Assaffat [37:91]  Then he dodge towards their gods then said, ” Do you not eat?”
Assaffat [37: 92]  “What is the matter with you that you do not speak logically”
Assaffat [37:93]  Then he dodged over them striking with the right.

As discussed in the lecture that the Emotions / Feelings are the idols of mankind, it is within us along with the intellect/wisdom.

Ibraheem PBUH dodging towards the idols, how he dodge as we think that he is saying to our emotions (idols) but actually he is speaking to us, to our intellect and wisdom. He is saying “What is the matter with you that you do not speak logically”, now we realize that he is not talking to idols but to us.

When we keep our emotions aside and realize till then he strike with the right meaning he strike with the governing ayats to our emotions.

Al-Anbiyaa [21:58] So he made (their gods) chips / small pieces except their Great One so that they turn to Him.

Why Ibraheem PBUH did all this?

The moment we understand that he is talking to us and we keep our emotions/idols subsided he broke the idols into chips through ayats but still one idol remained that is of God (the Great One).

As we know that every man in this world belong to any religion knows GOD in his own explanation, because they have carved or imagined GOD by themselves.

The real GOD (i.e. Allah) is speaking to mankind only in HIS ayats, so all the religions of the world including the label Muslims have fantasized GOD if they don’t know the ayats or don’t communicate through ayats.

Al-Anbiyaa [21:59]  They said, “Who has done this with Our gods, surely he must be from the oppressors.”
Al-Anbiyaa [21:60]  They said, “We have heard a young man mentioning them, they say ibraheem for him.”
Al-Anbiyaa [21:61] They said, “Then bring him before the eyes of the people, so that they bear witness.”

When Ibraheem PBUH broke the idols of mankind, the people react and say as mentioned in the above ayats.

Al-Anbiyaa [21:62] They said, “Are you the one who has done this with our gods, O ibraheem.”
Al-Anbiyaa [21:63] He said, “No He has done it, this is their great one so ask them if they can speak logically.”

When they ask are you the one who has done this with our gods, Ibraheem PBUH referred to the Great One, he has done it.

Apparently Ibraheem PBUH has planned and broke the idols but he referred to Allah as HE did it, because messenger Ibraheem PBUH did it on the authority of Allah.

Al-Anbiyaa [21:62]  They said, “Are you the one who has done this with our gods, O ibraheem.
Al-Anbiyaa [21:63]  He said, “No He has done it, this is their great one so ask them if they can speak logically.”

When they ask are you the one who has done this with our gods, Ibraheem PBUH referred to the Great One, he has done it.

Apparently Ibraheem PBUH has planned and broke the idols but he referred to Allah as HE did it, because messenger Ibraheem PBUH did it on the authority of Allah. Messengers always represent Allah, Ibraheem PBUH cannot take the credit of doing it except to refer it to Allah.

Concept of breaking the idols physically is mentioned in the Gospel Of Barnabas (Barnabas is a disciple) in Acts 4:36 & Galatians 2 : 1 & 9, story of breaking the idols physically is not mentioned in Quran at all.

Al-Anbiyaa [21:64] So they turned to themselves and said “surely you are the ones in the oppressors.”

When Ibraheem PBUH broke the idols of mankind except the Great One (God); people returned to their souls, they look to themselves and understood that we are the oppressors.

Al-Anbiyaa [21:65] Then they turned upside down over their heads (and said) “without doubt you know that these cannot speak logically.”

When Ibraheem PBUH argue with them logically, their heads turn upside down.

Al-Anbiyaa [21:66]  He said, “Do you then serve things beside Allah that can neither be of any advantage to you nor do you any harm”
Al-Anbiyaa [21:67]  “Fie! For you, and for the things that you serve beside Allah! Have you no sense?”

When a person is emotional he cant speak logically that’s why Ibraheem PBUH is argue with them logically.

Annajm [53:21] What for them masculine and for HIM the feminine.
Annajm [53:22]  That is unfair division.
Annajm [53:23]  They are not except names you have named them, you and your fathers, Allah has not sent down with them any authority. They follow nothing except conjecture and what their souls desire and surely the guidance has come to them from their Lord.

The above argument is use by Allah or messenger for the people, it is referring to the masculine and feminine traits not physically. UNSAA in Arabic means feminine and MUSAKKIR means masculine.

Conception takes place within feminine and masculine delivers, Allah when delivering a message in HIS Book is Musakkir. People themselves bring the concept about Allah thinking themselves masculine and considering Allah that HE is listening (feminine).

Don’t give your concepts by your emotions, philosophies and intellect, listen what Allah is saying in HIS book; people are also giving Allah their own attributes considering themselves masculine and making Allah feminine.

Ash-shoora [42:51] And it is not for a human being that Allah speaks to him except by inspiration or from behind a veil or HE sends a messenger, then he inspires with HIS permission whatever HE wills. Surely HE is most High and most Wise.

In this ayat Allah explains how HE communicates to a human being through HIS words i.e. Book of Allah, three modes of communication are mentioned through which Allah communicates.
(a) Inspiration (b) Behind a Veil/Hijab (c) He sends a messenger who inspires with HIS permission.

Ayats are mentioned in a manner that describe these three modes.

Ash shoora [42:52] And likewise form Our order We have inspired the rooh / the spirit towards you. You did not have the perception what was the book and belief, and We have made it (the rooh / the spirit) a light; We guide from Our servants with it (the rooh / the spirit) to whom We will. And surely you guide towards the straight path.

In the previous ayat [42:51] Allah mentioned the three modes of communication, by His order Allah inspired the person by the spirits / essence of the words of Allah, we don’t have the perception when only the Rooh / the spirit comes to us from Allah we understand the Book.

Describing the three modes of communication:-

A) Inspiration: Allah inspires in first person speech in the book, for example.

[15:9]  Surely We have revealed the remembrance surely We are the preservers of it.

Allah is speaking to mankind directly with all His attributes (We) in first person speech.

B) Behind a Veil: This aspect is written in the ayats as Qul (Say), for example.

[6:19] Say what thing is greatest evidence, Say Allah is a witness between me and you and this Quran / The reading is inspired to me to ward all of you with it and to whom it is delivered. Do you surely bear witness that with Allah there are other Gods. Say I do not bear witness, say surely He is one God and surely I am exempted from what you associate.

The above ayat describes the second mode of communication, when you say QUL, the Allah is asking you to say behind a veil.

C) Allah sends a messenger who inspires with HIS permission: for example.

[61:5] And when Moosa said to his people, “O’ my people why do you hurt me? And without doubt you know that I am the messenger of Allah to you,” so when they deviated, Allah deviated their hearts. And Allah does not guide to the peope who are fasiqeen / liberals.

In the above ayat who is saying “And when Moosa said to his people”, Allah is saying this, here messenger Moosa PBUH is talking to his people, Allah sends any messenger e.g. Ibraheem PBUH, Essa PBUH etc. in the ayats / verses and messenger inspires what Allah wills.

One more example describing this mode.

[61:6] And when Essa / Jesus said the son of Maryam / Mary said “O ‘ children of Israel! Surely I am the messenger of Allah to you, confirming what is between my two hands from the at-taurah / the law and giving you the good news with the messenger who will come after me whose name will be Ahmed /most praiseworthy.” So when he came to them with clarifications, they said, “this is a clear magic!”

Allah is saying “And when Essa said…..”, Essa PBUH is saying to mankind coming as a messenger, inspiring whatever Allah wills to mankind.

The below mentioned ayat describing how the spirit / the rooh is speaking in the ayats.

[4:59] O’ you who believe obey Allah and His messenger and obey one who gives the order from you. So if you have dispute in anything, so return it to Allah and the messenger if you believe with Allah and the last day. That is better and the most beautiful interpretation.

The Rooh / the spirit is talking in the ayats, the essence of the words of Allah (i.e. the messenger – Jibrael).

Attribute of God given in various verses of Bible:-

Judges 1:19: He is a weak God.
Hebrew 12:29: He blows fire and He smokes.
Genesis 6:6/Mark 3:5/Isiah 63:10: He repents also and he cries also.
Genesis 19:3: He eats.
Genesis 18:83: He walks
Isiah 2:21: He shows his back side.
Psalms 91:1-4/Exodus 33:20-23: He shows his parts.
Psalms 91:1-4: He rides on cherubs and flies.
Number 31:35-40: He shares virgin with soldiers.
Genesis 1:9-13: He also tired and rest.
Hebrew 12:29: He roars.
Genesis 17:13-19: He forgets.

Al-Araaf [7:180] And for Allah are the most beautiful names so call Him with them, and leave those who use profanity / dishonor/ disrespect in His name, soon they will be given penalty for what they are doing.

First we need to identify who is the speaker?
– The spirit (Rooh ul amen/Rooh ul qudus) / the messenger.
People are using disrespect with the names of Allah as we can see in bible and other religious books.

Al-Hashr [59:21] He is Allah, except Him no God who knows both the absent and the evident. He is most gracious, most merciful.

Al-Hashr [59:22] He is Allah, no God except Him. The King, the Holy One, The Peace, The Belief, The Guard, The Powerful, The irresistible, The Supreme, glory to Allah about what they associate to Him.

Again who is speaking in this ayat? The spirit / the messenger.
Allah is eternal / absolute, all the attributes and qualities of Allah mentioned in the ayats are everlasting.

Al-Hashr [59:24] He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, He is the former and the shaper, for Him are the most beautiful names, whatever is in the skies and the earth, do declare His praises and glory and He is the Powerful, the Wise.

In this ayat the speaker is the messenger (the spirit) defining His eternal and absolute qualities and attributes.

Al-Baqara [2:255] Allah no god except Him The Living, the Lasting, the Eternal, no slumber can seize Him, nor sleep. Whatever is in the skies and in the earth are for Him. Who is there that can intercede in His presence except with His permission. He knows what is before them and after them. And nor shall they encompass of His knowledge with what He wills. His throne extends over the skies and the earth and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them, And He is the High, The Supreme.

Allah is ever living and ever established. He doesn’t sleep like other living things, He is the owner of everything. No one can intercede without His permission, His knowledge is beyond comprehension.

Number of people are reading Quran but no one can understand except He wills. He is preserving and guarding the whole universe without fatigue. Allah is defining Himself more beautifully in the ayats.

Al-Hajj [22:5]  “O mankind! If you are in doubt about the resurrection, so surely We have created you from dust then from a sperm then from a leech then from formed and unformed that We may clarify for you and We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for a stated term then We bring you out as babes, then you reach your age of full of strength and some of you are caused to die and some are sent back to the feeblest old age so that they know nothing after having known, and you see the earth barren and lifeless but when We pour down rain on it, it is stirred and it swells and its put forth every kind of beautiful growth.”

In this ayat Allah Himself is speaking in first person speech. Any person (like agnostic, atheist etc.) who has doubt about Allah / The God at any given time (past/present/future) can say or speak like this that “We have created you from dust…..”, no one can say or write like this so this is the proof that it coming from Allah.

Explanation to ayat Al Hajj [22:05]:-

In this ayat Allah is speaking to us in first person speech, He is an actual God not from our imagination (Idol worship), We cannot write, speak & comprehend like a Creator (Allah). People are putting a false charge by saying that messenger Mohammad PBUH has written this book (Quran) or it is His own philosophy.

Al-Anbiyaa [21:30]
“Do not the rejecters see that the skies and the earth were joined together so WE split them asunder We made every living thing from water.” Will they not then believe?

In the above ayat Allah is speaking in first person speech to the rejecters. Nobody can say like this that We split skies and the earth and We made everything from water, all scientist and every human being knows that nothing will happen itself, it should be happened by the Creator [Allah].

This small portion of the ayat “The skies and the earth were joined together before WE split them asunder.” is enough to explain the BIG BANG theory.

Al-Baqara [2:23] And if your are in doubt as to what We have revealed to Our servant, then you produce a surah like their unto.
Al-Baqara [2:24] And you, and you will never ever be able do it then fear the fire whose fuel are people and stones which is prepared for the rejecters.

The above ayat is the challenge or proof that nobody can write or speak like the Creator [Aallah], we should remove all the doubts as we will never be able to say, write the essence/spirit in the ayats, it is coming from all mighty Allah only.

Al-Anam [6:13] No sight can comprehend Him and He comprehends the sights. And He is fine, well acquainted.
Al-Anam [6:104] Now has come to you from your Lord the sights, if any will see it will be for his own soul, and if any will be blind will be (blind) for his own soul. And I am not a preserver over you.

In the above ayat the spirit / the messenger is the speaker and describing the Creator. When the insight (the essence of the ayats) comes to us it is for own soul and if we remain blind from the essence (the insight) then it is for our own soul, and the messenger is saying He is not a preserve over us.

AAL E IMRAN [3:31] Say, “if you love Allah then follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your sins, and Allah is forgiving, merciful.”
AAL E IMRAN [3:32] Say, “Follow Allah and His messenger,” then if they turn back, Allah does not love the rejecters.

If you love Allah then follow the messenger meaning that if we claim that we love Allah then we should follow the messenger otherwise we are worshipping IDOL Gods, If I follow the messenger in its true sense then Allah will love me and forgive my wrongs.

Here it is important to understand the difference between Following & Obeying:

We need to follow and obey both Allah and His messengers, Obeying is to listen, understand and agreeing to the concept only but following is to understand and practice like as messenger did we should do the same. So obeying is not enough we should follow the messenger.

Saad [38:5]  Has he made the gods into one God/Allah? Surely this is an amazing thing.
Saad [38:6] And the chiefs separated from them, and they walk away (saying) “have patience over your gods, surely this is a thing intended.”
Saad [38:7] “We have never heard of this in the other religion. Surely this is not except a made up invention.”

When its established that there is one god [Allah] so people will say “have patience over your gods” meaning when we understand that there is only one God so people will remain attached to their idol gods [e.g. Laat, manat, uzza etc.] and say we will never heard like this in the other religions and considering all this as invention.

Ibraheem [14:35] And when Ibraheem said, “O my Lord! make this city of peace and security and keep me and my sons strangers from serving the idols.”
Ibraheem [14:36]  “O my Lord! Surely they have led astray many among people, he who follows me is of me and who disobeys me, so You are surely oft-forgiving merciful.”

This is the DUA or call of Ibraheem PBUH, he is referring to the city of Makkah to make it a place of peace and security and asking him and his sons strangers from serving idols, as we know that Ibraheem PBUH is referred [Surah Al hajj 22:78] as “Father of the religion” so whoever follows or practice his religion will be his son, so he is asking Allah to make himself and his followers stranger from the idol worship and communicate to the real god [Allah].

Further he is saying “Surely they have led astray among people”, meaning all these idols have strayed majority of the people as Satan [Shaitaan] is stirring up these false idols in emotions.